Thursday, 30 October 2014

Officially ours! Giving and Receiving Ceremony

Lost in all the shuffle with the medical issues is the fact that Jadon, ne Gia Bao, is now officially adopted by us and is part of his forever family!  We received Jadon from the orphanage on Tuesday evening our time.  On Wednesday morning, Sara and I and Jadon and the two girls boarded a taxi to head to the Department of Justice building.  Logan was still not feeling well enough to be out and about and Hudson hung around to keep him company.

We got to the building on time and were soon joined by Loan and the Director of the Orphanage.  We were ushered into an office where we sat on formal chairs, signed several copies of several pieces of paper and were officially declared the parents of little Jadon.
Mom and Dad with the two 'littles'
Most of the new family :-), along with the Official from the Deparment of Justice and the Orphanage Director
Afterwards Li Lin and I headed home to be with the boys while Sara and Rykauna and Jadon ran around with Loan to finish off some paperwork for Jadon's Vietnamese Passport.  Unfortunately, after waiting around a couple of hours, they found out that one form was not signed at the orphanage and so they could not proceed!  Yet another unfortunate surprise!  Rykauna has been an amazing help this trip, stepping up and assisting us as needed (not to mention shooting a pile of pictures!)  Rykauna on this day was excited to be able to eat some authentic Vietnamese food today.  But no durian!

They all returned exhausted from the running around.  Then... pandemonium broke loose! (Gordon Korman reference from our youth)


  1. Congratulations! So happy for all of you. Jadon is a cute little addition to your family. God bless xo

  2. Congratulations, Mom & Dad... Those are some beautiful smiles you are wearing. �� And love your t-shirt Rykauna! ��

  3. What a little blessing. I am sure Jadon will complete your family nicely. Congratulations to you for this new little addition. God bless you all now and for the days ahead.
    I figured Rykauna would rise up to the occasion. She is one wonderful big sister. So proud of you Rykauna.
    Love you all. Grand-maman. xoxoxo

  4. Our new grandson, Cade Saunders Edwards, shares a special day with Jadon!! Cade's birthday and Jadon's official adoption day are both on Oct 29th. I think this calls for a shared celebration at some point. �� Hugs to all!!!