Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Please Pray.

This will be a short blog.  I know many of you are eagerly awaiting pictures of Jadon.  I will attach a couple and then I'm going to run.  Today was chaotic and continues to be.  Details to follow.  For now, the long and short of it, Jadon has shown signs of distress while breathing.  We brought him tonight to the clinic Sara wrote of earlier.  His sats were around 80% (which is low, we should all be 95%+).  He's had a chest x-ray, nebulizer (to try and clear his nose and loosen any secretions) and a few other things.  They are keeping him in overnight for observation and so that he is near medical help if needed.  He is lower in energy than we anticipated, and this difficulty breathing thing is likely the culprit!  We definitely covet your prayers now.  Pray especially for Sara who is bearing the brunt of the responsibilities with Jadon and the stress associated with that.  I just brought the other kids home, gave them some food and tucked them into bed.  I am leaving now to bring food and formula to Jadon and Sara.

And so you know who you are praying for.


  1. Jadon is precious!
    And we are praying! May you know the Lord's presence with you and the special peace only He can give.
    Love in Christ, Steph W

  2. Our prayers are with you both and little Jadon!

    Jane & Dinaro

  3. Praying for your sweet little man (he is SO cute!)... and the rest of your family too. xx

  4. What a precious little wonder he is low on energy....Hopefully you can get him up to pay. are a trooper and the ideal mother to deal with your new little son. I will remember to commit him to his heavenly Father who knows all things.
    He is adorable by the way. So different an addition then with LiLin. Just a reminder that every child is different. With love always..Grand-maman Parent xoxoxo
    You do have a beautiful family and each one is different and precious. This is probably very emotional for you and the kids. Continuing to pray.

  5. He's beautiful!
    Praying for little Jadon... for Sara and your whole family... praying health improves for Jadon and continues to improve for Logan... and that you have no further health issues before getting home!

  6. Praying for all- esp sweet little J!! Marianne

  7. First, I need to say your boy is beautiful. I am sorry to hear about all these challenges. I am glad he is facing this one in the arms of his mom.