Friday, 31 October 2014

A normal day... at last!

Today was a great day!  Nothing spectacular happened, which is what made it great!  No visits to a clinic, no major issues, just ordinary everyday life - as ordinary as can be with a family of 5 kids (that sounds large!), whose youngest has a major heart issue that is uncorrected, often labours to breathe, and occasionally gets blue lips.  I guess this is our new normal!

We woke up later than we have yet - I believe everyone was still sleeping at 7.  We got up and had a pancake breakfast.  We tidied up a bit and then I took all 5 kids (that sounds like a lot!) down to the pool area.  The oldest four hopped in for a swim as Jadon and I sat in the lounge chairs.  He was in a great mood and throwing balls at the kids and giggling out loud when he saw them splashing in the water.  I eventually gave him his bottle and he settled right down.  Sara came down after doing some tidying in our apartment, then brought him up to nap.  The rest of us stayed down for another couple of hours.
Jadon is starting to feel more comforatble and okay in and around home
We then headed upstairs to play around a bit, then walked out of the resort and down the street about 30 seconds to a legitimate Vietnamese local restaurant.
The lampshades were traditional Vietnamese hats
It was the first time as a family of 7(that sounds large!) that we have sat down for a meal together, and it was really nice.
Sara and the two littlest

The three oldest waiting for food.

Here's to more 'normal' days ahead!


  1. May favourite update yet :) So thankful you had a "normal" day as your new family of SEVEN! :D

  2. Praying that all continues with this tempo.... and that no more surprises catch you... Maybe, just maybe you will be able to put in a few tourist days????? May God bless you all.

  3. Another lucky kid ! A big family now.

  4. This update made our hearts smile and smile!! We are so in love with our newest little nephew!! Praying God gives you lots more days like this one...Dave and Pam xoxo

  5. Welcome to possibly your first normal day since you left..I like your saying...that sounds large...because it is. But it is a beautiful family of being the number of perfection. Love it. Sure happy for you that things have taken a role towards normalcy. I know that you realize that your normalcy has changed.
    Do enjoy your time together and continue bonding as a family. Love you all. Grand-maman xoxoxo

  6. Funny how "just one more" makes the number seem so big! =). Thankful you had a great day, and continuing to pray for all of you!

    Love in Him,
    Steph W