Saturday, 1 November 2014

He's All Boy!

After yesterday's good day, we were hoping that things were going to level off for a while.  Last night made us question that!  Jadon just would not sleep unless he was being carried in someone's arms.  We think he may of had a sore stomach as he did act colicky.  Though he is almost 2 years, 2 months old, in many ways he acts/seems like a year old.  We definitely have a baby in our hands.  We tagged-teamed and managed to get about 3 1/2 hours of sleep each.

This morning we had to head out the door fairly early to go back to the orphanage for a medical check-up for Jadon.  His doctor at the orphanage heard we had brought him in to the clinic because of his ill health.  He figured he could use some antibiotics and wanted to see him.  He was given a 'clean bill of health'.  As Rykauna put it, "He's not sick, he's just sickly".  We look forward to the day when we can say "He's not sick, he's healthy!"
Electrical wires - good luck finding the correct one to fix!
Sara feeding Jadon enroute
The four older ones at the orphanage waiting for Jadon's doctor's appointment to be over
Since we were out and about, we took the opportunity to stop by the Ben Thanh market and get a bit of shopping done.  Some of the kids had really been looking forward to this.  Though we did not stay long enough to satisfy everyone, we did manage to get some things bought.  As always, it is hot, so on exit we found a corner store and everyone bought some sort of frozen treat to cool down.

Then it was back to Riverside Apartments.  By this time, it was Jadon's nap time, so Sara stayed upstairs with him.  Rykauna also figured she should get some English homework done.  I headed downstairs with the three others to enjoy the sun and the pool.  About one hour later, Sara, Jadon and Rykauna joined us.  It seems none of them were able to accomplish what they had set out to do!

We weren't sure if Jadon would enjoy the pool or not.  He really did not like it when we tried to give him a bath earlier.  However, when he saw his siblings in the pool, he thought it might be neat to try.  When I went in with him, he curled up his feet as soon as his toes touched the water.  He didn't seem too keen on getting wet.  Then Li Lin came close by and splashed and jumped up and down in the water.  This caught Jadon's funny bone and he giggled, and leaned forward to try and touch the water.  Once he found out he could splash, he thought it was a blast!  He splashed and splashed and giggled and giggled.  He really enjoyed it.  He stayed for a while until I pulled him in and brought him up for his delayed nap.  By now he was tired and he fell asleep reasonably quickly.
Jadon loves splashing in the water
He is definitely all boy.  He enjoys tossing his toys.  He enjoys banging his toys.  He enjoys swatting people.  He loves pointing at all the motor bikes and trucks going by.  Sara brought him and let him switch the lights on and off once... now he wants to do it continuously, with a big grin on his face.
Logan, who is no longer sick can finally play with his new little brother
Late afternoon we received a phone call from Loan.  She and her husband and 8-month old son came by for a short visit.  She was concerned about his illness and wanted to see how he was doing.  She also brought us some congee (rice porridge) for Jadon to eat (one of his main staples).  Hoping for a better sleep tonight!


  1. That smile on Jadon's face is heart melting. Hope you have many moments like that to remember. Glad big brother is well and able to interact with little brother. Both their smiles are priceless and so are yours when he is in your arms.. All this must bring you back to the days the other kids were young and helpless. Thoughts and prayers and pleasant days. Grandpapa

  2. This blog brought joy to my heart. I looked at the pictures over and over again. The one with my oldest grandson cuddling with my youngest had my heart skip a beat. It is priceless. Love it. Everything seems normal now and I pray that it continues that way.
    Love you all. Grand-maman xoxoxo

  3. Glad to see Logan is recoverd as well. What a happy and lovely family there :D Jadon looks so energetic ahh. God bless the rest of trip there and hope to see you guys soon.

  4. So happy to hear you are having better days. Great to see Logan feeling better and so good to see Jaden's smiles. Love and prayers xo