Monday, 3 November 2014

All the paperwork is done! Now we wait.

We woke up and had to scramble out the door to go to the Tam Duc Cardiology Hospital for a follow-up on Jadon.  This is the hospital at which he received his surgery.  We wanted a follow-up with a cardiologist to see how things are going and to get an all-clear for flying.  It is interesting that here, as in China, there are entire hospitals dedicated to one medical speciality.  This one is the heart.  I guess with such large population densities this makes sense.

Jadon was given a clean bill of health.  We were told that the shunt that was put in was still working well.  It was suggested that his complete surgery should occur within 1 year of his palliative fix.  That was 6 months ago so we are likely looking at a surgery fairly soon.  We will see once we get home to Sick Kids.

After the appointment, we headed home for a short time.  I took the older 4 swimming once again, while Jadon slept.  The kids are really enjoying the almost daily swims and are improving a lot.  Hudson can now swim comfortably with confidence across the pool.  Li Lin is also learning to swim, bit by bit, without her floating device.  It wouldn't surprise me if by the end of our trip she can swim the width of the pool by herself.  Rykauna and Logan have been really good in trying to help her learn.

Sara and Jadon and I then headed out for the last of the paperwork.  We went to the Vietnamese Passport Office to apply for his Vietnamese Passport.  We then went to the Canadian Consulate to apply for a Temporary Canadian Passport.  This will be issued once they get the clearance from the Embassy in Signapore.  We can leave Vietnam once these arrive... sometime late next week.

As we were wanting to leave the consulate, we saw torrential downpours and winds!  We are just exiting the rainy season here and have had a bit of rain some afternoons, but nowhere near the intensity of what we saw yesterday!  We waited about 15 minutes before we would even venture just outside to catch a taxi!
Hard to show the intensity of the rain and wind

Back at home, it was once again ordering from  We tried a Viet place, and order some chicken, beef, shrimp, squid and frog!  The food was quite good though delivery took a really long time - the poor driver showed up soaked from riding here on his motorbike/scooter.
Our grilled frog... everyone was keen on ordering it, Dad was the only one eating it!  Rykauna did have a taste.
Detailed anatomy of the leg!
Another early night.  Everyone is exhausted.  The emotional toll, though maybe not obvious, is still there for all as we navigate this addition to our family and relationships are altered and formed.  It also doesn't help for Sara and I that Jadon sleeps like a little baby - meaning waking up every couple of hours, flopping around, unsettled.  Our sleep has been limited.  This from a little guy we were told slept through the night!  Eventually we will either get more sleep or get used to the deprivation :-).


  1. I'm sorry about your nights. Good that Jadon got a clean bill of health. That should get him to sick kids' in fine form.
    Well this blog sort of answers my questions. Love you all. Grand-maman xoxoxo

  2. Love following your blog and hearing how things are going day by day. Glad to hear Jadon is doing better! We will continue to pray for things to go smoothly and your family will be healthy and safe!
    Tracy and family