Friday, 14 November 2014

Passports and Lunch with Emmy

Today (Thursday) Rykauna and Hudson are still sick.  Hudson thankfully seems to be getting better.... Rykauna is still running a temp and has developed a nasty cough.  Since today was the day we had prearranged to pick up Jadon's passports and meet Emmy for lunch it goes without saying that some of the family had to stay at the condo.  Since Jadon was really fussy in the morning, and Logan did not really feel like traipsing around doing the passport business, it was decided that just Li Lin and I  would go.  She of course, loved having mom all to herself.

We went first to the Canadian consulate and picked up Jadon's temporary Canadian passport. Next, we cabbed it over to the Vietnamese passport office and waited for Loan to meet us there so we could pick up his Vietnamese passport.  Once that was done, all of our official duties and paperwork were completed.

I headed out to meet Emmy my co-worker for lunch.  Nothing like meeting a co-worker for lunch halfway across the world!  Emmy was here in Vietnam for a family wedding and travel so it was nice to get together.  I had the BEST beef noodle soup I have eaten since here in Vietnam.  Emmy is the "foodie" in our department at work so I knew the restaurant she chose would not disappoint.  It was a nice little break from the constant low-level chaos we have been going through!

Today (Friday) we sort of lay low.  Rykauna is still going through the stages of her fever/cough and we are hoping tomorrow is a better day.  Hudson was up and about and though not his normal perky self, he did eat more and talk more, which are both indicators that he is well on his road to recovery.  He even joined Steph, Logan and Li Lin for a short swim before supper.  We then went shopping to pick up a few things for Jadon... feels weird buying formula and baby food for a 26 month old, but that is what we do!  He is eating a better variety of food and we are trying to decrease his formula intake so he will eat more of other foods but that will be a gradual process.

Just the weekend left in Vietnam, and then we fly home on Monday.  The trip has not gone exactly as planned, what with the illnesses and we haven't seen as much as we would have liked, but the important thing is, Jadon is in our arms and we are bringing him home.

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  1. Wonderful.....Everything seems to be coming to an end. We have to thank the Lord that amidst all your endeavours you have kept the faith. Count down least I am counting and looking forward to having you home again. Love you all. Mom xoxoxo