Monday, 10 November 2014

More Vietnames Culture

The last few days have been fairly comfortable due in large part to better sleeps by Jadon, which of course translate to better sleeps for Sara and I!  One of the ways to create bonding in a new adoptive relationship is to co-sleep.  And so, when we first adopted Li Lin, she slept with us for the first several months.  She then graduated to a mattress on the floor of our bed, and eventually to her own bed in her own room.  From the first, the co-sleeping worked very well with Li Lin.  Even in her sleep she would reach out to touch us and make sure that we were still there in bed with her.
The co-sleeping has not worked so well with Jadon.  Used to being alone in a crib, he rolls around and tosses and turns continually.  He kicks his feet.  He moans and groans and whimpers.  We were needing to basically stay awake to make sure he did not roll off the bed.

A couple days ago we caved and got a playpen delivered to our apartment.  After his evening bottle, Jadon was placed in his playpen, with Mozart playing off youtube in the background.  He still tossed and turned and grunted and groaned, but since we knew he was not going anywhere, we were able to get a better sleep, which we both enjoyed!

Saturday was a lazy day around Riverside.  We ran out to a local market to pick up a few things but that was about it.  Sunday, we went to church again.  Jadon again accommodated us by sleeping through the sermon (yes, dad did stay awake!)  Here is a large wall text of John 3:16 in Vietnamese.
We then headed out for lunch and ended up at a really nice Japanese restaurant.  The portions were huge and really tasty.  Sara and Rykauna went back to Ben Thanh market to pick up a couple of things while I came home with the youngest four.
kids enjoying their fare
the meal Sara and I had... delicious
 Monday took us into town on two occasions.  One of the things we had been wanting to do since we got here was go to the A O Show being put on in the Saigon Opera House.  The building itself is quite majestic.
picture of Li Lin taking pictures...
The Show is a combination music/dance/acrobat show depicting scenes from Vietnamese life.  On Sunday we ordered tickets and put them on hold and we had to go in to pay for them before noon or risk losing them.  Sara, Jadon, the two girls and I went downtown late in the morning to pay for and pick up the tickets.  Unfortunately, we found out that children under 5 were not allowed in, so Sara was not able to watch the performance.  As part of the ticket deal, we got coupons for free drinks at a little nearby bistro, so we headed up there for a snack before coming home. 
two lovely ladies!

view from the bistro - on the second floor
Rykauna enjoying her mango smoothie!
When we got home Jadon went for a nap and the four oldest and I headed out for the last of our swims in the pool at Riverside.  We will miss this place!  We are moving to a new apartment in a new district tomorrow.

Once Jadon woke up we went for an early supper to the local pho place - we all ate for $11, and then the four oldest and I took the boat into the city to go to the A O Show.  Of course, we were not allowed to take pictures but the show (about 1 hour in length) was very interesting and creative.  

The kids near a display outside, waiting to get in
the older two brothers
The cast posing with my two daughters!  Li Lin is more interested in them than in the cameras!
There was basically no talking, just lots of movements with props set to music/sound.  Really neat, sometimes humourous, sometimes emotional, always well done.  The Vietnamese people and culture are really wonderful!  We are learning a lot about these friendly, polite and hard-working people.  In a lot of ways, they are like Canadians, but without the cold!


  1. This was a very interesting read. Thanks for the numerous pictures. I enjoy seeing my grandkids happy and enjoying themselves. I am thinking LiLin thinks of herself as an older sibling now that she can go places where her baby brother can't go. Big girl now. Please hug them all for me. Love Grand-maman xoxoxo