Sunday, 16 November 2014

On our way!

Just a short post to get you all know that Jadon just got discharged.   He is fit for travel.   Who knows about the rest of us!  We are heading to the airport in about 10 and hopefully all goes well.   We will be landing in Toronto about 8:45 pm Toronto time.   Thanks so much for all your prayers.   Please continue.   On the home stretch now!


  1. So grateful to hear that Jadon is feeling better to travel!'s 10:11 pm now...welcome home!!!!

  2. Great news indeed. Come on home guys. You have been supported with prayers all along the way. Last trek now. Awaiting for you all with open arms.
    Love you all. Grand-maman xoxoxo

  3. so glad to hear this. Praying you all get home without any more hiccups and that the flight goes smoothly... hope you're feeling better Steph and that you, Sara, can avoid whatever was/is going around!