Saturday, 15 November 2014

Please Pray Again... Another Night in the Hospital

This post was supposed to be about the fusion between East and West that you find so many places throughout Vietnam... the food, the architecture etc...  however, Jadon is once again in the hospital.

We figured that with three visits to the Family Medical Practice, one overnight there, as well as a cardiologist consult at Tam Duc Hospital (where Jadon had his heart surgery done) was enough of a insight into the medical care in Vietnam.  However, apparently not.  Today at lunch, Jadon aspirated some food.  Due to his esophageal atresia, though repaired, this is a fairly common occurrence.  However today, he didn't seem to be able to clear out his lungs properly, and his breathing was rattly for the rest of the afternoon.  When he wouldn't take more than a couple ounces of his milk bottle, and immediately spit up when we fed him his baby food and cereal, we thought we should bring him in.  Sara and I went with Jadon to FV Hospital, a French Private hospital.  The doctor was concerned that he could not/would not eat and drink.  This is a concern for most children, but with Jadon's small size and his heart shunt - the pediatrician is concerned that if he does not have enough fluid, his blood will thicken and cause issues with his shunt.

So, she has admitted Jadon overnight for observation.  The plan is to have him fast overnight but give him IV fluids to keep him hydrated.  Then attempt to get him to drink tomorrow afternoon and hope all goes well.  When something like this happens, we don't know whether to laugh or cry... so we have done some of both!  We would really appreciate prayers that all would be settled so that we can make our flight on Monday.  We can't wait to be home with Jadon and all the kids!


  1. Praying, praying and praying some more. For all of you. This has certainly been quite the journey so far!!! Love you guys. Dave & Pam xxoo

  2. Praying that things have improved over the course of the day... sigh... A challenging trip for you all! Looking forward to your post that says "WE'RE HOME!!" :)