Saturday, 15 November 2014

Update on Jadon

I just got back from the hospital.  Jadon spent an ok night but the good news is this morning he coughed up a piece of meat which was what had become caught in his throat.  The bad news is that he developed a fever.  It turns out the he once again has bronchitis!  So, the plan is to keep him in the hospital until tomorrow morning and the kids and I will stop by on the way to the airport to pick Sara and Jadon up.  Talk about last minute!  The doctor would like to keep Jadon hydrated and will give him IV antibiotics to combat his bronchitis.  She wants to make him as healthy as possible for the flight.

Meanwhile, I am fighting the fever that Logan at the beginning of the trip, and Rykauna more recently were fighting.  Because of this I can't stay at the hospital with Sara.  Logan is there right now for a few hours to help Sara with Jadon and to keep her company.  I will take a couple hours sleep to try and get rid of this fever and then we need to get all packed up.

This trip has been quite the challenge in a variety of ways.  Please continue to pray that all would work out and that we will not have any more hiccups before we get our little guy home!


  1. You don't know me but I have been following your trip . I have been praying for you all and will certainly continue ! God be with you and bless this lovely family.

  2. Periods of testing. It certainly has been a yoyo 3 weeks. Will be so happy to see you home. You are all troopers.
    Love you very much and praying for you every time I think about you which is many many times during a day. I lift you up before the throne of God before I fall asleep.
    Mom Parent xoxoxo