Sunday, 27 May 2012

Family Hug ~ Steph

Li Lin has progressed tremendously.  She is an absolute sweetheart!  For the most part she is now very happy.  She still occasionally gets upset or whiny but its more in the typical three year old way.  Her day generally starts with a smile and either a 'mama' or a cheery 'ni hao'.  She spends much of the time exploring the world around her with a big smile and twinkling eyes.

This weekend we've had a couple of firsts.  On Saturday, some of the ladies from our church family held a shower for Li Lin.  Sara and Rykauna attended while Li Lin stayed at home with da gege, xiao gege and baba.  First time away from mama.  Sara explained to her that she would be gone for a little while and Li Lin was ok with it.  We went to the library to get some books - Li Lin is starting to show interest in looking at books.  It seems she may not have been exposed to many of them before.  We then stopped by the park on the way home.

This evening, Sara and the three oldest all went to the evening church service we usually attend on Sundays.  Once again Sara told Li Lin that she and the kids were going and that Li Lin would stay home with baba.  A big nod and smile was all Sara got.  Li Lin and I had a great time (mostly me pretending to be sick so Li Lin could fix me up), but she started asking for mama shortly before Sara got home.  I told her mom was coming and stalled her with a variety of tactics (ice cream feed worked the best).  Even an offer to brush her teeth (this is a favourite activity that can sometimes take a while as it often leads to a sink full of water as she washes her hands repeatedly) didn't work as she stated she'd brush with 'mama'.

Eventually, Sara and the kids got home.  Li Lin was precious running to Sara and jumping in her arms and squeezing tightly.  What was really heartwarming was later on, Li Lin calling me to join in the hug with her and Sara, a big smile on her face.  She then called to her three siblings and we had a great big family hug!  Three times (we put an end to it as a couple kids needed a bite to eat before bed) she called each of us by name to come and join in the big hug.  It seems she's starting to know who her nuclear family is.  Great news!

 Rykauna was experimenting with our camera and had a very willing model in Li Lin
Li Lin saw this dress after the shower and wanted to put it on right away.


  1. Ni hoa! It makes my heart sing to read your comments. I can feel the links getting stronger and stronger with Li Lin. Joy to you all! Many prayers for all of you on this road of discovery.Ropa


  2. Love this!! So thankful to hear of progress - we continue to pray for you all!!

    Love in Him,
    Steph W

  3. This certainly warms my heart. I can see that she already truly loves her family. Most times now she is definitely reacting like a loved little girl does with her family. She is adorable. Love the pictures Rykauna. You are getting to be quite a good photographer. Mom xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  4. I teared up reading this post. Steph you work so hard to win that special spot in her heart and that is beautiful. She's actually warming extremely fast. Love the family hug. Love that little face. Love the love you have for her.

  5. Beautiful child, beautiful family, beautiful story!

    I love reading your blogs, I check almost every day :)

    Tante Carole xox

  6. I can just imagine her running to her Mama, and calling everyone by name for a group hug... is there anything more precious?

    Love hearing about Li Lin opening up to Baba, she obviously adore you, Steph.