Thursday, 3 May 2012

Surprises, Stomach Wobbles and Sweet Food ~ Sara

About 10 minutes after our last post we received a large surprise while sitting and waiting for boarding.  Our Chinese friend (former Shanghai resident) Steve walked up and told us he had booked his own flight to Shanghai a few weeks ago but was waiting to surprise us.  Surprise us he did!  Having him was like having our own personal, knowledgeable and fluently English friendly tour guide!  We feel really blessed.

The flight itself was good, and the kids were content.  Once we landed and were taxiing down the runway towards the terminal,  Logan suddenly succumbed to motion sickness and vomitted all over his pants.  While Steph, who was sitting a row in front of me with the boys, was scrambling for the "convenience bag", Hudson promptly vomitted!  Unfortunately neither Rykauna nor I had the convenience bags, so thankfully a neighbour across the aisle passed two on over as Steph did a few (thankfully dry) heaves himself.  We were definitely regretting cancelling our last minute stop to Shopper's for baby wipes!

Upon exiting the plane we could instantly feel the heavy humidity in the air and the reported warm 28C weather.  We were picked up by another of our Chinese friend's(Charles) brother's driver.  Getting into the spacious air conditioned van was great.  Steve came along too and helped us get checked in to our hotel.  Myself and the kids rested for a hour before heading out for supper.  For dinner we were treated by Charles' bother, Kevin, to a traditional Shanghainese feast.  Kevin told us that typical Shanghainese food is quite laden in sweet sauces.  The food was delicious!  Hudson, who has a strong love of Asian cuisine, was loving it!  Rykauna enjoyed it too, but preferred to focus more of her attention on taking pictures of the plates.  Unfortunately Logan, who did not sleep a wink on the flight, was totally exhausted,  and could not even make himself eat.  Hopefully after a good night's rest we should all be up to another adventure tomorrow.
Several more dishes arrived after these
Hudson loved the noodles!
Our gracious host standing with us outside the restaurant we ate at


  1. Oh! I love this. I will be longing every day to read your blog. Great way to keep in touch. All seems well. Tell Logan that Grand-maman gives him an extra hug. He must be exhausted. Lovely pictures Rykauna. Hudson, you seem to be in your glory.
    Wonderful to have friends around in a foreign land. God is good. Enjoy.... and do try to rest. Love you all. Mom xxoxooxo

  2. So glad to hear that you made it to Shanghai ok!! How wonderful to have Steve, God is so good! That's too bad the kiddos were sick. Yuck!! Hopefully that'll be it now for the rest of the trip :) I woke up in the middle of the night around the time when you guys would have been landing, said a rather sleepy, contented prayer for you and then dozed off again. Really happy for you. Have a fabulous time!!! Love tons, Pamela xx

  3. God is so good!! I was so happy to read your update, you have arrived safe and what a wonderful surprise to have Steve with you! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures today:) Too bad the boys were sick, hopefully a good nights sleep is all they needed. xo Sheryl

  4. Glad you all made it through the flight. Hope you all sleep well. If the beds are too hard for you, ask for extra pillows and line them up down the bed to sleep on. Thinking of you all!!

  5. Enjoying following along. Sorry the kids got sick. Ugh! Happy trip! :)

  6. Steve surprised everybody! love the picture of Hudson and his noodles!Hope Logan will be fine!