Saturday, 5 May 2012

More Chinese Hospitality ~ Steph

Today was yet another day of fine Chinese hospitality.  Sara's Mandarin teacher’s high school classmate and very close friend toured us around for the day.   

 Along with her husband, son, and friend, they took us to: Chenghuang temple shopping district, 

 Yu Yuan gardens, 

 treated us to another big meal in Super Brand Mall (it is huge!)

then took us to The Oriental Pearl Tower.  This tower is awesome!  It not only has 2 different observations decks, but it also has a small roller-coaster, and a museum in it.

These people did not even know us but treated us like we were long lost relatives.

One thing that I will say since I figure Sara won't, is that she is doing absolutely amazing with her Mandarin.  She has been able to ask questions of taxi drivers, servers and sales people, as well as converse on a basic level with some of the people and friends we have interacted with.  Linda would be proud!

Throughout all these activities, of course our minds are not very far off Li Lin and how soon she will join our family.  This was driven home again at the Oriental Pearl Tower, when we saw this on the window...
and then Rykauna picked up a cute little girl and 'tried her on for size' as a little sister!
One thing we would strongly suggest for adoptive families, if at all possible, is to try to come to China a few days early before the adoption.  I am completing what was to be Sara's blog entry as she is sleeping soundly besides me.  It was all we could do tonight to keep the kids awake until about 7:30pm.  The last few days they have had naps, but then were waking up at 2 or 3 am, ready to tackle the day!.  We have commented several times that  it would have been very difficult to have the stamina and emotional strength to deal with a child who is grieving her losses at this time.

Tomorrow is an early start (not a problem since the kids are getting up so early).  We take the train to Wuhan, and then on Monday... Li Lin joins us for the rest of the trip.... and for many years to come!


  1. Sooooo nice to see you enjoying China!Yu Yuan is so beautiful!I've never been to The Oriental Pearl Tower ,David learned a Chinese lesson about it.We want to see it next year!I'm amazed that you guys can read Chinese even through the window of a moving car,even though I think it was not that fast,I know the trafic in China......I'm proud of Sara! There is nothing a mom can'd do for her coming child! Speaking of mom,happy early Mother's day to Sara!
    "Li Lin joins us for the rest of the trip.... and for many years to come!" makes me cry.
    So happy for Li Lin ,so happy for your family!

  2. paul marisette5 May 2012 at 11:25

    We're praying for you back here!! Glad to see that you're having such a good time. Beautiful pictures too! It really reminds me of my time in Shanghai as I was in some of those very same places!



  3. How exciting! I found your blog on the FOI yahoo group. We're still in the beginning stages, just finishing up our home study and dreaming of someday getting a referral and TA. It's so nice to meet another Canadian China adopt family in blog world! Looking forward to seeing pics of your Gotcha day.

  4. Really enjoying reading your blog and hearing about your trip in China!! So excited that Sara is doing so well with her go girl :) So glad that Monday is coming soon!! Enjoy every moment (even the sleepy ones). The jet lag must be a little rough! Great pics.
    Love you! Pam xo

  5. Well I am proud of you too Sara though not surprised one bit. Great job.
    The pictures are great. You will have excellent memories.
    Before you move on to Whuhan tomorrow and pick up your fortunate daughter, I want to remind you of the verse we read before your departure in Joshua 3:4. "You have not passed this way before". I am sure that you are not forgetting that He is with you every step of the way and even before you as He has already shown you. Though you may have anxieties, fears, questions, about how it will work out, what it will be like, He is ahead already preparing the way. So enjoy your train ride to Whuhan. It will still be a new experience for you meeting LiLin. It is important to know that as you go forward, you do so in absolute safety; so long as you follow His steps. Love you all.
    Mom xoxxoxxoxxoxxoxxox

  6. Tears of joy abound as I read your blogs and follow this wonderful journey.

    God be with you as you take on this train ride to meet your little one.

    Love you xox

    Aunt Carole

  7. Great to hear that you guys made it safely to Shanghai!We have been praying for you in our household!