Monday, 7 May 2012

She's Officially Ours! ~ Steph

Official adoption day was today.  Li Lin Mikayla Parent is now part of our family!  The process involved a return to the government office to answer a few questions and sign some more paperwork.  One of these days, the paperwork will be completed!

Li Lin is an absolute doll, and one smart cookie!  She was feeling much more comfortable with us this morning as we walked down for breakfast and climbed into the van.  She was even teasing Logan with a little plastic ball thing that they had been playing with before breakfast.  But... once we pulled up to the government office- she recognized it immediately and was not happy.  She wanted to stay outside and not go in.  Once we got in she got more agitated and started crying a bit again.  She settled down some when she recognized her orphanage director.  She was happy and walked over to see one of the nannies from the orphanage.  After the paperwork was completed and it was time for the orphanage director and worker to leave, Li Lin was bound and determined to leave with them to go back and see her foster grandma and grandpa.  She once again burst into gut-wrenching sobs as they left.  Immediately after this we had to take a picture of Sara, I and Li Lin for the adoption certificate.  Who knows what it will come off looking like!

Good news though.  Once we got outside and into the van, Li Lin settled MUCH more quickly than yesterday.  She snuggled into her mama and the sobs changed to whimpers and then stopped.  She then fell asleep, exhausted.  And here she still sleeps in mama's arms.

During her talk with the orphanage workers, Sara was told that Li Lin has been walking around telling people that she has a Canadian mama and baba.  So, she is aware of what is going on, and though she doesn't seem to like it all that much now, she seems more accepting of it.  Another thing they told us was that her little 'wa wa' (the doll we sent for her birthday) has been her constant companion.  She always insisted on bringing it with her wherever she went and made sure that she was never left behind.  It is nice to have some memories of her past somewhat tied in with her present and future.
This is a paper cut-out made for Li Lin by the orphanage director, and Li Lin's wa wa that we sent her as part of her third birthday celebration

Thank you so much for all of the prayers and thoughts and comments being sent our way.  We truly do appreciate them so much.


  1. Praise God Li Lin Mikayla is officially yours!!!! What an emotional journey!! So thankful she settled much quicker today, Thanks so much for your frequent updates, praying continually for you all. Xoxo Sheryl

  2. Congratulating you all on a job very well done! I know this is a work in progress but LiLin knows she is with a good family. God is good.

    Love you,
    Tante Carole

  3. This is so exciting. Rykauna Logan and Hudson how do you like your new sister? She looks very cute. Hope you have a fun day tomorrow.
    God bless you.

  4. following your story with so much anticipation - we love every new update. thank you so much for blogging!

  5. Again tears in Grand-maman's eyes. I haven't shed so many tears in quite a while. Lovely story. Worth publishing. As I was doing my reading this morning, this whole episode with LiLin painted in my mind a picture of our great God. In our lives, God sees the big picture. Sometimes, we worry or shed tears or get angry because we do not understand as we live in the present, for the present. But ultimately, there is something better ahead. Same with LiLin. She is living for the now as she doesn't see the big plan which will eventually bring something better for her. Thus her tears and tantrums. I love you all. Mom xoxoxo

  6. This is amazing. I love the sound of Li Lin Makayla Parent!!! Definitely has a ring to it, doesn't it? We're so glad for the small victories...she is such a little doll. I think I would be mortified to admit to you how many times I check your blog in a day. This is an amazing story and the best part is its true :) So happy for you all. Still praying...pretty much all the time!! Love you. Pam xxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  7. Congratulations to you all! Love begins to multiply here officially!!!