Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Shopping, Shopping and Shopping! ~ Sara

Today was a woman’s dream... a full day of shopping!  We started out the day at a silk factory.  We learned and saw the process of how silkworms are used to make silk.   

 Although a silk duvet was tempting we kept our money in our pockets and waited until we went to the pearl market.  It is called this as the fourth floor of this large building is mainly, you guessed it, pearls.  The rest of the market is like a massive flea market selling everything from fake IPADS to fancy chopstick sets.

The best part of the market, in my opinion is the bargaining!  I love bargaining!  Bargaining in Chinese makes for even better deals as no merchant expected me, a Caucasian Canadian, to bargain with them in their own language!   It was lots of fun.  My best deal of the day?  Probably something that the merchant wanted 240yuan for and I paid 30 yuan!
After the pearl market we hit the toy market.   Needless to say this was a big hit with the kids!  Next stop was lunch.  We felt like a bit of western fare so Subway fit the bill.  I was relieved that Li Lin finally agreed to go to the washroom while we were ordering the subs.  She hadn’t gone since the night before so needless to say that after some 16 plus hours without a bathroom stop I was starting to get concerned about her risk of dehydration/kidney issues.  I kept trying to get her to drink and she would not drink.  Once we walked into a very smelly washroom she pinched up her nose and refused to go!  I couldn’t believe it... 16hrs of not “going” and she was going to hold it because of the stench.  I finally convinced her to go in the much cleaner wheelchair stall.

Once we shopped around a bit more, we all hopped in the tour bus again and stopped in at a tea house for a tea ceremony.  We tried many tea varieties but did not purchase any tea there as it was pricey.   
Steph was able to buy the tea variety that we liked best at the local grocery store for one quarter the price.  At least now we are informed Chinese tea connoisseurs!


  1. Shopping is fun.. You must have had a hay day. Bargaining is fun... you must have had a better hay day. Glad you enjoyed the tea ceremony. Nice picture of Lady Rykauna drinking her tea with her pinkie in the air. Quite lady like Rykauna. Also glad that you solved the 16 hour problem. Hope all goes better. I am sure you are building muscles there Sara. Many pictures of babe in arms. This is slowly coming to an end. Last day of touring isn't it? Which means I will see you soon. Still praying for you by the way. Love you all. Mom xoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. So glad you are making so many good memories!
    Still praying, Marianne

  3. Good jod Sara!You Chinese must be amazing now after 2 wks!