Monday, 7 May 2012

What a difference a night's sleep makes! ~ Steph

So, Li Lin woke up this morning and though she doesn't necessarily like us, she's decided we are ok people to be around.  She has not cried this morning, has been smiling at the kids antics, and has even giggled a few times!  I think that Sara's ability to speak Mandarin has been a wonderful blessing!  I've got a great wife!

These gains may be short lived however.  We are going back to the government office to finalize the adoption today.  She will once again see the workers from the orphanage... so who knows if she will think that they will be bringing her back to her foster family.  We are bracing ourselves for another round of crying, but enjoying the pleasant times as much as we can.


  1. I just can't stop looking at the pictures!! I'm totally smitten with my newest niece!!!!!!!! She is just a little doll. Congrats to you all. Praying for you big time. Love, Auntie Pam xoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. Such a pretty little girl with that pretty little smile.
    Well, while you were sleeping, we were all home, reading your blog and crying [literally] and asking God's blessings on this reunion. This...answered prayers and a smile this morning.
    What an encouragement for you!
    Will not forget to keep praying.... the trials are not over.
    Deut. 33:27
    Tante Alice

  3. What a heart- rending story! I too can't get enough of her pictures. Such a precious wee one. Many tears shed and many prayers to the throne on high for this dear family at this time.

    Tante Carole xox

  4. James & Elaine7 May 2012 at 18:01

    Congratulations Sara, great job! What a lovely picture Sara and Li Lin.

  5. What a wonderful encouraging note to read:). We've been praying all day that a good nights sleep would make a big difference!! Praise God! We'll keep praying that the day back at the government office will not result in much more crying!! Xo. Sheryl

  6. What a lovely sweet heart!Li Lin is so lucky to have such a warm family and so many loves. I read your blog a few times every day and enjoy a lot!!! Lucy and Kelly

  7. What a beautiful picture. Glad to hear today is a bit better. There will be lots of ups and downs, what matters is you will all get through them together as a family. You are ALL very blessed to have each other. Hopefully there will be no orphanage people just the provincial ones, that was the way with Lia. Hope you have a good day.

  8. That little face is absolutely precious!

    C, J and Lilah

  9. Good job Sara!!!

  10. Wow! Wonderful! Yes, Steph... You do have a great wife. Actually all of you are a great family. I can vouch for that. Now because you have LiLin, it will be a greater family still. Love you all and praying for you many times in the day. I keep going back to your blogs and rereading, relooking at the pictures and recrying and repraying.