Tuesday, 8 May 2012

What a little monkey ~ Sara

Today we took a tour of the Hubei Museum with the guide and the other adoptive family from our agency.  Li Lin was full of energy running everywhere, climbing whatever she could, laughing as we tried to keep up with her, and just generally acting like a normal three year old. 

That is until she became tired... as soon as she is tired she starts whining for her "nai nai" (foster grandmother).  Poor little soul.  We got back into the bus and she settled in my arms and nearly fell asleep.  Too bad the ride wasn't five minutes longer!  When we got back to the hotel room she was still crying for grandma.  Steph put her in the carrier and walked the hallway for five minutes and she quickly fell asleep. 

She is still sleeping on Steph and he has actually fallen asleep too!  The carrier is pretty comfy even for a 25lb little girl.  The other kids are being amazing with her.  They love to play with her and she clearly enjoys them too.  So far we have seen no evidence of jealousy from our youngest, Hudson.  We are really trying to make sure he doesn't feel in anyway displaced.  At this point he seems very content to be her 'xiao gege' (little big brother).  On a few occasions I've seen him walk along side her and gently pat her back.  We are very thankful that he seems to be happy with not being the youngest anymore.

Must close off now and try to get in a game with the three oldest kids while Li Lin sleeps.


  1. What lovely pictures. This little munchkin just endears herself to me more and more as I read your blog. Very thankful for Hudson. I have been praying specifically for him. He has a big heart. It is wonderful to see how all three kids handle this new arrival in their family. They are all very precious. What a learning experience this is for them all. You are wonderful Sara and Steph. keep up the good work. You can tell that LiLin is warming up to you as a family even there are moments of missing her "nai nai". You wouldn't want it any other way even though it is still heart wrenching. Love you all. Mom xoxoxox

  2. Wow, what an adventure... How wonderful that Hudson is adjusting so well and even showing Li Lin compassion:). He will love being a 'little big brother'!! Enjoy your little monkey, I'm so happy to see she is willing to be comforted by both you and Steph. The bonding process is different and longer with adoption, but you are well on your way, doing an amazing job!! Love you all xoxo Sheryl

  3. Ni how! Message for big sister, big brother and little big brother: Your care and expression of love for your little sister warms my heart and makes me very proud of YOUR big hearts. Seeing you play with her was very enjoyable to see. Li Lin has certainly captured your hearts and it shows. Keep up the good times and enjoy the rest of your trip. You to, Mom and Dad. Ropa

  4. Congratulations Hudson for being promoted to a little big brother! Proud of all of you, Rykauna, Logan and Hudson!You are doing an excellent job helping mom and dad with LiLin and showing the love to your little sister.

  5. Thanks for sharing your journey...very precious. We are keeping you in prayer. Your daughter is so beautiful. Your kids are doing an amazing job at welcoming their little sister as are Steph and you at welcoming your newest daughter. Love to you and prayers, Stephen & Melanie

  6. Hello Sara,
    I've been following along and just reading your blog every day makes me emotional for you. Poor little thing, but what a sweetheart and joy for your family. I have been praying for a smooth transition. Good news! I have 3 pictures to share with you when you return and they are probably her last day at the orphanage. She is playing with my Liyang! I got an update with pictures and she was in them. They also told me that the director of the orphanage didn't get the photo album or the stuffed animal that we sent with you. Do you know what happened? If you forgot in all the emotions, I totally get that. I was wondering if you could ask your guide to help you mail it to the orphanage while you are there - I imagine it wouldn't be too expensive since you are there and obviously I would pay for all of it. It sounds like they would have shown him the album, which is just what we wanted. The foster mom is heartbroken, which, of course, is killing me. Hugs to you and I will continue to pray for your trip and transition. God is SO good!

    Mary :)

  7. Very encouraging Steph and Sara! I've really been enjoying the blog and the pictures! Jen and I are both praying for you all and we're thrilled at the progress in your reports.


  8. Hi Steph,

    I have tears of joy. These pictures say it all. Thank you for sharing this precious moment.


  9. We enjoy to read your blog every day. Thanks for your hard work spending time to type it. Glad to see Li lin acting as normal 3-year old kid, she is so pretty. The other three kids are adorable, with warm and big hearts.