Sunday, 13 May 2012

The Great Wall!

Well, we’ve finally climbed the Great Wall of China!  It is definitely impressive.  A wall that long along the prairies would be impressive; a wall that big snaking its way through large hills and small mountains is just awesome.
 We climbed up the steeper trail, and it sure was steep!  Sara and Li Lin waited at one landing as Rykauna, Logan, Hudson and I continued up to the next tower.  Unfortunately the sky was a big foggy so the view was not clear but it was still breath-taking and awesome.  As has been said, you haven’t been in China until you have seen the Great Wall so officially, we’ve now been in China!
On the way to the wall we stopped by at a Jade Factory/Store.  There were some absolutely amazing jade sculptures.  This one with the horses took 5 years to carve out.
  Hudson would like this boat to play with at home!
 After the wall, we went to a Cloisonne (sp?) factory for lunch.  After a great lunch upstairs, we were able to tour the factory, see the people handcrafting these vases step by step (they are INCREDIBLY patient!!!) and look in awe at the handiwork.  No wonder this stuff is so expensive.  We could choose between our house or owning this one vase!  Not sure if we could all fit in though?
When we got home, there was a carnation and a little card for Sara from our agency, wishing her a Happy Mother’s Day.
We were then treated to round... 5, or 6 of Chinese hospitality.  Our friend Claire from Toronto had wanted us to meet up with her sister while here in Beijing.  We were able to arrange that and so Mingfang (Lucy), her beautiful daughter Jenny and our friend Ruth Vance came to the hotel and we were treated to another wonderful feast.  We tried out Peking Duck, as well as quail’s eggs, crab, fish, chicken, beef and pork, along with a variety of vegetables.  I definitely will need to take up my running again once I get home!

This morning we went for a swim in the beautiful pool here in the hotel.  We are planning a trip to the Beijing Zoo this afternoon, followed by an acrobat show.  The kids have been wanting to go to one of those since we got to China so they are very excited.  Hopefully Li Lin is in awe of the sights and sounds and so sits still while watching!

Li Lin is continuing the bonding of our family.  She quickly takes off her shoes once she gets into the hotel room.  Given that she would not take them off even to sleep for the first several days, it shows her comfort level with us.  When Sara asks if she likes little brother, she nods.  Big brother, she nods.  Big sister, she nods.  Mama, she will sort of shyly nod.  Baba, usually a shake of the head!  She has mentioned a couple of times that she loves foster grandma and foster grandpa.  However, she did not cry when talking about them and has not called for them in several days now.  She also no longer asks to go out of our room constantly.  She seems to have an idea that this is her family, whether she likes it or not!


  1. Wow! What adventures! Your minds must be reeling from all you are seeing. There sure is a wider world out there so different from what we are use to. Rykauna, Logan, Hudson and Li Lin must be wide eyed and shaking there heads seeing and taking in all these new wonders. Steph, Sara, what wonders! Li Lin seems to be fitting right in there. Steph, Li Lin's reaction to you may be a cultural one of male/child relations. You are an impressive male figure for such a little one. She seems to be trying to figure you out. Don't be surprised by her reactions when she figures out you are 'cool'. Praying for all of you during these days of bonding and adventures. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy! Ropa

  2. Hey! I had written a beautiful comment here. It disappeared. Woe Woe... I forgot what it said but it was good. Love you anyways.
    Mom xoxoxooxox

  3. What amazing adventuress! Happy belated birthday Steph, and happy belated Mothers day Sara!! I'm thankful Li Lin has settled and is fitting into her new family... Whether she likes it or not... :). Hang in there Steph, she will learn to love you, not just like you, she doesn't have a chance otherwise, too many people are praying!! Our God is very big, powerful, awesome, amazing and He desires her to love you so it wil come.
    love and prayers, Sheryl

  4. Hey guys, I just LOVE the 1st pic on this blog of all SIX of you! It's so special. Happy Belated Mother's Day to you, Sara. I'm sure this is one you will always treasure!!! And Steph, a very Happy Belated B-day to you. It was wonderful to read that Li Lin is no longer crying for her foster grandparents; really praying for more bonding btwn. Li Lin and her Mama and Baba...Love you! So glad you're getting to tour around the place. The pics are so fun to see. Pam xo

  5. I remember the time me and my mom went to Beijing and climbed the great wall of China!

  6. Now you have been in China!! Nice family pics especially the one with 6 of you and the one with Li Lin on Sara's back! So great to hear that Li Lin feels more comfortable now! Way to go!